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Logo re-styling + Identity manual

UNPLI – Unione Nazionale Pro Loco Italia

Daniele Latini — graphic & media design

UNPLI old logo


UNPLI new logo


"The old logo had a large number of admirers, so it was important not to change it too much. Some elements needed to be simplified and the readability improved"

UNPLI logo manual

The importance of the manual
The Italian National Union Pro Loco (for local tourism) has more than 500,000 members throughout Italy’s municipalities and therefore a very high number of potential users of the UNPLI logo. The purpose of the visual identity manual is to protect, facilitate and standardise the use of the UNPLI image by all employees, suppliers, agencies or media.

The rules for the correct use of the UNPLI logo involve observing the minimum dimensions and right distance from the document’s margin on a white background (unless the logo is used in negative, when place on an institutional blue background).

logo UNPLI negative

Daniele Latini — graphic & media design

For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact me

For any inquiries do not hesitate to contact me

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